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Shark Bite Games recently had the opportunity to talk with Skylar, the disembodied green head from Cybermorph. We chatted with her over dinner at a local restaurant. Here is the transcript from the interview.

SBG: Thanks for chatting with us. I see that even though you don't have a stomach, you're eating a steak. How do you like it?
Skylar: Well done.

SBG: You wolfed that down in no time, I see. Are you going to have another?
Skylar: Only one more.

SBG: But where does the food go after you swallow it?
Skylar: Portal now open.

SBG: Uhhmm, I'm sorry I asked. Anyway, on to business. What do you say to aspiring Cybermorph pilots?
Skylar: Where did you learn to fly?

SBG: No, I meant what advice do you give them?
Skylar: Avoid the ground.

SBG: Well that's just common sense. Any real advice?
Skylar: Good luck.

SBG: Can't you say something helpful for a change? Are you stupid or something?
Skylar: Ouch.

SBG: Yeah, that's what I thought. Not only are you useless, but your comments are downright annoying. Every time I play, I immediately go the options menu and shut you up.
Skylar: Bite me! I'm out of here.


Note: At this point, our interview came to an abrupt end. Our head lawyer Barry Zuckercorn won't allow us to say much about the subsequent incidents, but we apologize for dribbling Skylar like a basketball and slam dunking her. Even though she was asking for it.

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