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Don't you wish your loved ones would scratch themselves?

Whether your loved one is woman, man, llama, or tapir, you know how it goes. "Honey, could you scratch my back?" "Could you scratch under my chin?" "My butt itches again..." Shouldn't they scratch themselves?? "But I can't reach it", they claim. Well now they can. Introducing the new JagScratcher.

Designed to reach even the hardest-to-reach areas, the JagScratcher will please you and your mate. It will scratch through the longest hair, and the toughest fur. It is made of wood with simulated Jaguar claws! Scratch hard enough, and you can have an official Jaguar claw mark on yourself, or leave a lasting impression on someone who demands to be scratched!

Available at The Backscratcher Factory, The Yak Shack, and various pet stores. Scratch yourself. You know you want to.