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Are your fingers tired of changing VLM effects on your raw, bare keypad buttons? Do they bleed from repeatedly pressing those naked buttons? Is it hard to see the numbers on the keypad, or have they rubbed off? We have a solution for you. The new VLM overlay, complete with all 10 numbers, and a bonus: STAR and POUND! That's right, * and # are included too! Costing a mere $12.99, they are made of the highest quality cardboard my lunch money can buy.

Also, the new Defender 2000 overlay is available. Sure, maybe Defender 2000 doesn't really use the keypad, but it looks really cool when you're playing D2K! Only $12.99 for the regular version, but for $29.99, I'll get an ACTUAL LLAMA to lick it! A must-have for Jeff Minter fanatics!