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Play Gourd PluZZZ and you're guaranteed to catch some ZZZs.

In Gourd PluZZZ, you play as the hero, Flash Gourdon. Somehow, your sidekick Jack Lantern has gotten himself into a pickle. To free him, you must quickly rotate the controller's joypad to screw off the lid of the pickle jar. Your second mission will be a challenge that is easier said than done. Your principal priority is to protect Priscilla Preston, the provocative (yet pregnant) President of Premier Produce Products. If you succeed, she will give you some fresh, home-grown weapons... Take her melons, grab them firmly, and get ready to squash your opponents.

Stay as cool as a cucumber and you might meet up with the evil Ken Talope. He's easy to recognize: Even though he dyed his hair green, his roots are clearly visible. Trust me, he is no garden-variety villain. If you can plow through him and his right-farmhand man, you'll head off to the final battle in outer space. You can pilot one of two ships: The DDT or the Muhahaha. Blast the evil Gourdians and beat them into a pulp! (That pulp makes a great laxative, by the way).

BONUS TIP: To access the bonus Zpace InvaderZ game, go the title screen and press the Z button on the ProController 2000 times.

To play level 91, you must first download and install the pumpkin patch.

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The Gourd God says: If it wasn't for Cammy and Melanie here, I'd be a lonely man.