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Double Drag-Queen V: The 5 O'Clock Shadow Falls

This is the only game in which the fighters can pack a punch as well as they can pack a lunch. Play as one of five female impersonators: Ru-Paul, Dennis Rodman, Dame Edna, Mrs. Doubtfire, and the toughest of them all--Janet Reno. Using GenderMorph technology, each fighter has his (or is that "her") own attack moves. Dennis Rodman can lift up his dress and shoot out basketballs. Mrs. Doubtfire throws fruit (and then acts as if it was a drive-by fruiting). Dame Edna can use her chest hair to tie up opponents. Ru-Paul paralyzes enemies with her singing. And Janet Reno will throw the book at you.

Power-ups include new wigs, stuffed bras, and a special "Manhood Minimizer" which allows you to kick higher and do the splits. Beat the pants off your opponents to unzip new secrets...including bonus characters like Corngirl and Mrs. Featherbottom!

Double Drag-Queen V is a product of Williams -- makers of Venus and Serena.

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