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CheckerMorph combines the excellent racing action of Checkered Flag with the helpful advice of Cybermorph's Skylar. But instead of Skylar, Monica is now the helpful head. Hop into your car, the Slick Willie, and zip through twelve tracks. Monica will tell you whose lap, I mean, which lap you are on. She will also exclaim other helpful hints such as "Your tank is empty", "Go faster!", or "Yes!" when you pass another car. When you need to take a pit stop, Monica will morph into a pit crew. If your tires are low, she will blow them up. She will also morph into a gas pump and fill you up. Allow yourself to finish in first place, and you will win an expensive box of cigars.

Get out of the office and jump head-first into the hot action of CheckerMorph! Order today!

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