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AMERICAN CITY - Shark Bite Games today released their new violent billiards simulation titled Brutal Sports Billiards. In the game, mines are planted on the pool table and players are encouraged to cause harm to the balls.

The game's release has caused controversy among billiard balls across the globe. Mr. Steven Sixball, President of the Billiards Alliance League of Zimbabwe (BALZ) issued a statement today. "This game promotes senseless bashing of balls. We are not toys; we demand respect. You've got to realize that we balls are not only defenseless, but we are also very sensitive to pain." Another member, Timmy Twoball, feels abandoned by mankind. "Humans spend all their time maneuvering the cue stick and the only time we get human contact is when they reach in the side pocket, pull us out, and slap us on the table."

Celebrity balls were also joining the cause. When asked if there was a conspiracy against balls, Mr. Earvin "Magic" Eightball was visibly shaken. "Signs point to yes," he commented. Mr. Harrison Fourball admitted to being afraid. "Whenever a human enters my line of sight, I get a sinking feeling."

But not everyone is unhappy. One cue stick, Mr. Rod "Pole 2000" Whakem, thinks the balls are just jealous. "They envy us because we are important tools. They are just numbers."

For only $269.99, you can buy the special GOLD EDITION version (on a transparent cartridge) or the special CLEAR EDITION (on a gold cartridge). The instruction manual is also printed with limited edition transparent ink.

This game was programmed in Germany. Pardon the bad english.

Shark Bite Games