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Shark Bite Games To Add Some Blah

Shark Bite Games has been bought out, and is now a division of Blahsma Games. This development has pleased our new investors, who fortunately don't know us very well. Blahsma Games is the #1 developer of cell phone games among river-dwelling teenagers in the nation's 41st largest state. We've produced classics such as Find the Dot, Stare At This, and Name That Color.

But we now have a new line-up of games on the way. Look for Hangboy, a word-guessing game that stumps our employees every time! Up next is the game that nobody thought they wanted to see: Tic-Tac-Don't. (You don't have to use X and O now! Five other letters are available!) Our final upcoming product is a fun game sure to surprise you. Random Call will randomly dial one of your stored phone numbers. Who will answer? You won't know until they do! What a thrill!

Blahsma Games. They're better than nothing.

All games developed by the charismatic Grave Hell, V.P. of Carrier Pigeon Sales.

Shark Bite Games